Client | Laisvės TV & Altspace
Architect | Vaiva Andriusyte & Do architects
Photography | Darius Petrulaitis
Type | Office Interior
Status | Built
Location | Islandijos street 6 Vilnius Lithuania
Area | 550 sqm
Year | 2018
Video | Youtube

The old building on the corner of Islandijos and Pylimo streets was the first masonry building in Vilnius offering apartments for rent to citizens of the city. The building‘s spacious 6 to 10 room apartments were occupied and loved by the behemia of the nearby Redutos Theatre.

Today, when the lights on the ground floor are lit, the once tired building emerges from darkness and comes back to life. The coworking spaces located here and accessible from Pylimo Street, are separated from the main living area by the building‘s majestic entrance hall, whose heavy, dark fabric curtains draped down on the granite floor emphasise and draw attention to the height of the space. The living room conjures the cosy and inviting atmosphere of home. The historic wooden ceiling is revealed, and the space is organised freely and without commitments. People working by the window sills are exhibits to the curious eyes of people passing by in the street.

Many different perspectives and overflowing spaces can be noticed in the rooms. One is covered in a reddish carpet that climbs up to the window, and there is an abundance of details specific to the Old town: uneven edges, corners, crumbled plaster and exposed bricks, spots of paint, non-parallel walls. Subtle details are further emphasised by stark white walls and contrasting black ceiling planes.

Smaller coworking spaces are reached along a corridor with authentic wooden floors. Light enters the rooms through glass doors and windows, while dark spaces at the end of the corridor offer opportunities for working in hidden privacy. Near the corner of the building, where the entrance is located, a circular bar is located in the centre of the pentagonal space. This room is darker and muted with authentic details, patches of original paint on the crippled walls. From the bar area, through glass doors, a visual connection is made to both the main living room space and the vibrant intersection of the two streets outside.

Lighting in the main spaces is minimal, even strict, yet cosy and soft in the smaller spaces. Original lighting fixtures from the rooms are incorporated in the new design.

The combination of dynamic working and living spaces breathe new life and extend the multifunctional nature of Islandijos Street. A graceful old building is transformed into a vibrant working hub of creativity in the centre of Vilnius Old Town.