Architect | Vaiva Andriusyte
Photography | Simas Linkevičius
Status | Built
Type | Apartment Interior
Location | Kaunas Lithuania
Area | 84 sqm
Year | 2016
Award | Interior of the Year. Golden palette’16 Award for the best bathroom interior design

The interior reflects the Botanical gardens outside with the wide windows serving to bring the two spaces together – not the masonry, but the transformable furniture and technology create light open spaces that allow residents to connect with each other.
The bathroom undeservedly often is treated as just a space for utility. Although people live here as often as in the living spaces: fresh water awakens in the mornings and wash away all our tiredness in the evening.
Botanical apartments’ bathroom blends with the living spaces while taking the shower through a over 3 metres height window by giving inside sunlight. The glass is coated with electromagnetic film, which receives electric impulse and completely becomes matte. So if necessary for privacy, just push the button – the window will be covered by fog.

Mind and body exercises are going hand in hand – the same as do their spaces, settled in the bay window and upheld by the pull up bar truss. By the reflection on the dressing table’s mirror, the working spaces is merged with the bedroom, which flooring offers a perfect dias for a book.
Behind the secret kitchen doors, which blend into the living room, washing room and the guest bathroom has been hidden. Whole kitchen could be completely distinguished by the unfolding screen with the click of a button. Then The Cinema begins.