Client | Hostinger
Architect | Vaiva Andriušytė
Photography | Lukas Mykolaitis
Type | Office Interior
Status | Built
Location | Jonavos 60 C Kaunas Lithuania
Area | 1300 sqm
Work stations | 174
Year | 2020
Awards | Best Office Interior 2020
Publications | LRT Lithuanian National Television
Video | Facebook

This brand new space was created by many low cost solutions, but crafted with love and attention. The space invites you to be inspired and create some big magic in business by simple, yet significant ideas. At the entrance you will be met by mr Jenkins. The IT world’s favourite butler from now on serves Hostinger too! Book meeting rooms by voice, use facial recognition, remind passers-by about their KPIs and OKRs, develop with a drone, or a coffee machine screen – the mr Jenkins platform is open to your imagination!

Unexpected things in unexpected places creates magical feeling.. Hostinger’s DIVE DEEP value gains a physical form. Got a conference call with a colleague from Indonesia? Meet in the ball pit pool, where between all the plastic balls you can find the power sockets form your laptops. Got kids? No problem, you can briefly get rid of them here. All the other 13 acoustic meeting rooms were created in tender materials and furnished with industrial concrete tables and legendary chairs. Meeting rooms are named after Hostinger’s locales – the Thailand one invites you to the dark space with a sunset illusion to have a real Thai massage at 7 PM.

Work areas have a dense power outlet network, that will let employees easily change their table positions. Choose between electronic or manual height adjustment for tables – your back will thank you. Another treatments just few metres far from your desk is a hammock. Get comfortable in a hammock with your laptop and enjoy a 20-minute vitamin D treatment under the vibrant purple light. Hostinger cares about your health and rest even during work hours.

From every office corner eye catches the round metal bar. Celebrate everyday improvement with exclusive Italian coffee or a glass of freshly squeezed juice. Or, during OKR celebrations, add a little bit of Absolut to the glass of OJ and turn the lounge into a bartender’s best friend. Nearby opens a huge theatrical lounge. Thanks to carefully installed curtains, this space can be transformed into many different areas for rest. Be it for a quick nap, or just a minute to be alone in quiet on a little den that can be disassembled into 140 chairs to seat guests in a large cinema-like space.

The office interior is full of natural wood motives, braided rattan armchairs, pools, and hammocks, all sitting between palm leaves, invites you to experience Hostinger’s two biggest locales – Indonesia and Brazil. You don’t need to fly for a dream vacation. It’s right here – at Hostinger’s office.