Architect | Vaiva Andriušytė
Type | Family house Interior
Photography | Simas Linkevičius
Status | Built
Location | Kaunas Lithuania
Area | 100 sqm
Year | 2018
Publications | Lamų Slėnis

This house story is about nature gifts, brought in from the morning walk around the neighboring lagoon. About all the soft textures – oak, walnut, linen, wool, bricks, rust metal and ceramics – pleasing to touch and spreading the forest smell. It is about attention to well organized spaces for comfortable living. About attitude to our little wild ones’ creative leisure time at home. About all these textures that give a feeling of being outside in nature. Paper roman blinds softens and diffuses the daylight to the cozy morning fog. Felt sofa reminds summer naps on the hay. Rough shower stone soothes the feet just like the lagoon sand. This house is like a warm late autumn landscape.