Architect | Vaiva Andriušytė & Do architects
Type | Office Interior
Photography | Norbert Tukaj
Status | Built
Location | Raugyklos street 21 Vilnius Lithuania
Area | 650 sqm
Year | 2018

Reviving Station neighborhood in Vilnius, Raugykla street, a former deprived warehouse today is transformed into apartments building with an architects studio in the ground floor. The project became an instance of how the low value architecture may be transformed and inspire the process of revitalizing the street. The building itself is adapted for a contemporary needs inside: the first residential floor is designed for the small but functional city studios with entrance from the terraces and view from both sides, the residents of the second floor live in the loft type apartments with high ceilings, small patios and roof terraces. In the exterior, the renewed glass facade and sophisticated wooden finishing of the gates becomes the contextual landmark.