Architect | Vaiva Andriušytė
Status | Upcoming in 2021
Type | Architecture & Interior Reconstruction
Location | Muitinės 9 Kaunas Lithuania
Area | 600 sqm
Year | 2019 – Ongoing

Welcome to BōHEME HOUSE, that celebrates the rich history of Kaunas interwar bohemian period. The 8-suite hotel constitutes a new kind of hospitality, where a contemporary bohemian aesthetic animates a next-generation social hub for sophisticated travellers. As a boutique hotel residence, restaurant, café, concept store, roof terrace, cinema theatre, creative work and event space, BōHEME HOUSE unites design, culture, hospitality and community in one.

BōHEME HOUSE concept was conceived by a young family of Mazoniai – me & my husband. We have revived this well known townhouse into hybrid space with the vision to connect kindred spirits, who are driven by cultural life, creative ideas, design trips, resist the status quo & escape the average. By celebrating a century old story, when Kaunas became a little Paris, expressive and artistic capital, today we would like to invite open minded people to experience this unique culture while traveling & to invite creative people for collaborations by offering our house spaces.

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