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Architect | Vaiva Andriusyte
Photography | Lukas Mykolaitis
House producer | Leon Trotsky est 1903
Status | Built
Type | Apartment Interior
Location | Vilnius Oldtown Lithuania
Area | 50 sqm
Year | 2019
Available for rent | AIRBNB
Publications | Lamų slėnis

Through the crumbly terrazzo stairs, we ascend towards the light of the dome. Passing through the carved doors, we enter the Residence Casa Azul – telling the century-old tale of Leon Trotsky and Frida Kahlo.

Terrazzo stairs seamlessly flows all the way to the arching windows, sheathing the kitchen and bathroom countertops. This centerpiece has kept none of its authentic elements – it’s being formed with simplistic, modern forms. The border between the kitchen and the bathroom virtually disappears in the clear glass. The two areas mirror one another with the motifs of arches and copper faucets. The eight layers of the Old Town’s rooftops glazing over your eyes as you’re taking a shower are breathtaking.

The living rooms are brimming with authentic elements and are framed by the oak hardwood. Mirrors integrated into the doorframes steer the eyes towards ceiling embellished with gypsum moldings. Surreal Frida Kahlo paintings are covering the rough smoke-colored walls soaking up the daylight. The motifs of Frida’s self-portrait take on the lush voluminous shapes. Blue velvet sofa takes you to the Blue Casa Azul house in Mexico. Palette of rich colors creates the mystical evening atmosphere.

Monumental objects are used to create the bedroom space – it’s the walnut bed motifs dominating Frida’s works, the statuesque paintings, and a ventilator overhanging the gypsum moldings. Bra diffused light passes through the irregular double door openings and invites you to come inside. Magical atmosphere. Magical sojourn.*

Apartment is available for rent on AIRBNB.