Client | Hostinger
Architect | Vaiva Andriušytė
Photography | Darius Petrulaitis
Type | Office Interior
Status | Built
Area | 237 sqm
Location | Kaunas Lithuania
Year | 2013
Award | Interior of the Year. Golden palette’14 Award

Manly industrial oasis inspired by the IT life

24/7 working rhythm between dozens of electric cables tindering among the legs – the inspiring challenge to create a functional, ergonomic and spacious work area. This rebus was resolved by disclaiming any electrical outlets. The concept was to “feed” every work area through the chromed desks supports. Plenteous electrical and internet network under the grey wooden floor reaches every work area thereby creating a highly precise and purified space. This custom furniture collection was supplemented by the bar in the recreation area to create an uniform synthesis.

Modular work tables were separated by nominal visual spatial formants – green oases for the pens. White wood fiber triangular partition elements – acoustic partition solution newly discovered after a long research – without closing the space permanently, without limiting the communication and allowing interpretation .. And allowing to leave one or two brilliant ideas on the yellow paper background.

Functional solutions were not restricted only at the work areas. Domestic problems were solved by creating an extremely high magnetic thrust board, which makes the daily mess to become an interactive metalistic art on the white canvas background. Foosball kicks and an electric guitar ensemble surrounds the recreation area.

And if you miss some brilliant ideas for the new IT project just fall into a glass flying diving bell or just go to piss..